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monplot jean marie

Merci du message j'ai bien noté les horaires en français et anglais !! au plaisir de vous écouter et de vous écrire
mr Monplot de Lorient France

M. Monplot, merci de votre attention. Nous espérons que les émissions de notre radio multilingue vont vous plaire. 73!

Rajendra Kumar

Dear sir,
I have been a regular listener and now a days I have been visiting the website for gathering nice information about Belarus. I like programmes very much.

Dear Mr. Kumar, thank you for listening to our radio, being our regular listener and saying kind words about the quality of our programs! Please, write us more about yourself.

Best regards,
Staff of Radio Belarus

Mitul kansal

Radio Belarus
English Service.
Respected sir,
thanks a lot to Belarus's devoted contributors who sent me program schedule received by me today. News are up-to-date and to the point. presentation is good. i tried to listen carefully though there was some interference and noise. First time i listened Radio Belarus on shortwave.
Experience remained better for me.
Date: November 18,2014
Time: 20:00--20:20 hours UTC
Frequency: 11730 kHz
SINPO : 33344
Radio : ALTO shortwave Radio Transistor gifted to me by DW, bonn
Now here are some questions :-
[1] In past, Belarus was the part of USSR, in 1990 it became independent nation and caused an end to the communist rule. Now the my question is what the people of Belarus think today about this happening. Since then 24 years passed, now both old-aged person and youth generation think about this ? Whether they are happy or not ?
[2]Can you tell us about UNESCO Heritage sites in Belarus and major tourists centres ?
[3] Is there any Hindu Temple in Belarus ?
[4]Please tell us About any traditional village fair celebrated in rural
area ?
Rest is fine. If you find my Reception Report correct, please send me QSL Verification Card.
Happy New Year 2015 To You All ! Wishing for you every success And May God bless you with more and more listeners in 2015 !

With best regards,
Yours Sincerely
International Radio Listeners Friendship & Fraternity Club
336/14, near markanda press.
Email: kansalmitul@gmail.com

Dear Mitul Kansal, thanks for listening to our broadcasts! Lately, you've become one of our most active listeners, and we encourage you to keep it up)
And now let's get down to your questions:

[1] The people of Belarus want prosperity for their country, thus we're trying to look into the future, rather than remembering the past.
[2] Here are some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Belarus: Architectural, Residential and Cultural Complex of the Radziwill Family at Nesvizh, Mir Castle Complex, Białowieża Forest and others. And if want to learn more about Belarus' tourist attractions, then try visiting belarus.by website.
[3] There are indeed Hindu temples in Belarus, but their number isn't that high.
[4] Belarus boasts a large number of traditional village fairs and festivals, the largest of which is undoubtedly "Dazhinky".

And finally, of course we will send you a verification of your reception report as soon as possible! Happy New Year to you too!

Best wishes,
Radio Belarus







Mitul kansal

Radio Belarus
English Service.
Respected sir/madam.
Today i received your nice letter.Thanks a lot for remembering me. Feeling excited & joyful for receiving a letter from you in the present days of internet and email.In your letter you have requested me to tell something about myself and my Club. At present am 24 years old youth engineer. Recently i got job and working as Application Designer in a reputed company near Delhi -NCR at Noida. My company's name is "Computer Science Corporation " popularly known as CSC. I belong to Shahabad Markanda[my home town], near Kurukshetra, the land of Mahabharta war fought between Pandavs and Kauravs 5000 years ago, situated in the Haryana State of India at the distance of 180 km from the New Delhi, the Capital of India. At present i am single having my parents and one younger sister, who is also a computer Science engineer employed as Assist. Professor in nearby Engineering College.
I am became shortwave radio listener in 2004 at the initiative of my respected father. Since then i have been an active listener of many Radio stations Such as; the Voice of Russia,DW, China Radio International,Radio Romania International, Radio Taiwan International,Radio France Internationale, TWR,The Voice Asia, NHK Japan and some others. On various occasions i took part in sending Reception Reports with comments and got QSL Cards from them. I always took part in the Quizzes/Contests hosted by them and on various occasion i have won nice prizes.
As for as i remembers, in the beginning days of my shortwave listening, i wrote two or three letters to Radio Belarus, but i got no response. So first time today when i got a letter from you, it gave me peace of mind and entire satisfaction.Once again thank you very much for your kind positive response. Nowadays i visit your website page regularly, read the contents deeply and carefully and listen online when i have time to listen. As i am very much busy in my job work, Thank to internet, now i can listen the programs of Radio Belarus when i have time at any place and any where.Your programs are well-prepared, well-discussed and presented in a nice style. It gives me a golden opportunity to learn more about your country and its nice people-their daily activities,customs, traditions, religions,folk-songs, folk-music,folk-dances etc and also makes me enable to know the Belarus' point of view on various problems faced by international community in today's modern days.
Some years ago, i established online shortwave listeners club in the name & style of " INTERNATIONAL RADIO LISTENERS FRIENDSHIP & FRATERNITY CLUB ". At present it has more than 1100 members from all over the world and membership is increasing day by day amazingly.I and members of the club post all the activities of international radio stations including programs, quizzes/contests, listener's forum,comments on programs and share them with all the members on facebook page. Now i think our club has become an popular platform among listeners to share their activities with other listeners and playing an vital role in the promotion of Mutual Understanding, Fraternity & Friendship among them--A first step towards PEACE. Our members also take in various social activities : Blood Donation Camps, Eye Donation Camps,Scholarship to poor students,Helping Old-aged persons,World Radio Day, Listeners Day, Tree Plantation, Plant Distribution to protect our environment etc.
You can visit any time our website & facebook page and post your activities and share them with the listeners from all over the world on the one and same platform:
https:// www.facebbok.com/groups/irlffc.com/
my email: kansalmitul@gmail.com
With best compliments
International Radio Listeners Friendship & Fraternity Club
336/14, near markanda printing press.

Dear Mr.Kansal, thank you so much for sharing this with us. It's good to know that a young person like yourself has already achieved so much in his life! We wish you success in all your future endeavors and wish your "International Radio Listeners Friendship & Fraternity Club" a long life)

All the best,
Radio Belarus Staff

Sanusi Isah Dankaba From Nigeria

Dear radio Belarus,
I would like to congratulate you on the quality of your programs. They are very informative and educational. I believe radio belarus will continue to provide listeners with objective, but detailed reports on what’s happening around the globe. Keep up the good work! beside that let me inform you that i have received your beautiful prizes of hospitable belarus quiz in a good condition which included discount card that can use to buy goods and services in the torritory of belarus with reduction, it is nice and i am very happy with it but there is one question to answer please as you said you are going to give a prizes with diplomas i did not see a diplomas and where it is? did you forget about it or i am not qualify to get it from you. i need more details about the issue?

Dear Mr.Dankaba, thank you for being one of our most dedicated regular listeners. We're always glad to hear your praise and will try to further improve the quality of our programs for you. Concerning your diploma, don't worry, as it's on its way to you right now)

Best regards,
Radio Belarus













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