2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Belarusian and East Slavonic book printing. One of the most important dates in the history of our culture is also a part of the world of book history.

Radio Belarus International announces #BOOKSGOGLOBAL contest, an opportunity to our listeners from any country to share a photo of their favorite book and learn about the tradition of book printing in different parts of our planet.

Conditions for participation in the BooksGoGlobal contest:


1. Take a photo of yourself with your favorite book and send it to

The photo can be made with any device and can be accompanied by a commentary. For example, you can tell us why you chose this edition or author, share memories of your first books, or those that left a deep impression.

Original and creative images are welcomed!


2. The photos will be posted on the website of Radio "Belarus" International in a special section #booksgoglobal, where visitors will be able to vote for them.

Participants with the highest number of votes, as well as those picked by the organizers, will receive prizes.


3. The organizers of the competition will not accept works that contradict universal moral and ethical standards, the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, promote extremism, racial and religious intolerance in any form.


4. Important! The organizing committee has decided to prolong the contest, so your  photos will be accepted till May 31, 2017. The competition will conclude in June 2017.

Good luck!




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